Monday, July 31, 2017

How Mexican Cartels Prey on Chicago's Chaos

The cartels have been using gangs younger and more violent to both sell and enforce the cartels presence in many Cities around the USA and more and more in other countries. Some of the violence is gang on gang local issues, but most are cartel issues. Like who sells where, and who needs to be brought back into line for enforcement. The Cartels in Chicago had a pair of brothers keeping an eye on things, but they have been arrested it seems. Now there is straight cartel action to gang, often with Cartel hands nearby, but they try and keep a hands off approach. The cartels need to try and dispel the crossover violence tag, and the gangs help them do that, even though they have a lot of other country connections as well. One of the issues with the MS-13 gang seen in the news so much is they leave most of the hierarchy back in the home country, and live on payment received from the gang members in the USA. So of all the gangs MS-13 is the description of crossover violence. In one of the richest counties in the USA MS-13 gang members as young as 14 are both selling in the school and enforcing to the point of killing young students that do not come into line. This is has not happened a lot, but it does not take much to keep other students in line. In the low income housing, which even the richest counties have, the MS-13 is taking over control, of even the adults in many if not most cases. They also recruit from the low income housing. Girls are often turned out for prostitution, even some young mothers, if the members can make a buck off of them. These are all tricks they have learned in their home country as well as in LA, Houston, Dallas, any were they have a working presence. But exploiting the low income house has always been an issue, and high income counties have some of the best low income housing in the US. The gangs in Chicago as violent as they are do not hold a candle to the MS-13 in most cases, but there are out of control gang members everywhere. The Department of Justice backs projects and sometimes just evaluates projects that reduce criminalization in cities. Chicago has a city just outside of it that was once a close second to Chicago, Bentsenville, it has had a reduced crime rate of 85% and has kept crime down for a number of years now. It's project has been studied by major Universities and has been in a lot of papers for how well it has worked. Chicago has sent in some Police to take a look at it, but have really not said much about it, or tried to institute the programs, even though studies of the various versions of the Chicago Crime reduction project have been proven to have failed, even before you look at all the press reports. Some experts have pointed out the many local churches and civic action groups, have received funding from the various project developed by the University of Chicago's Crime reduction program, and even though the project has not had success, it is a way to fund the Churches and Civic Action Groups, and yes the University of Chicago gets funded to monitor and administer the project as well. At this point unfunding these Federal and State grants, would cause to many issues, and could cost to many votes, so all involved just keep throwing good money after bad. It has been pointed out that the existing funding could be kept going and a project that does not need much funding like the one in Bentsenville, could be started, but the existing recipients of the funding still feel threatened by any new project, and if crime did go down then their funding may go down or away as well. This cozy arrangement has worked for the groups being funded for years and even with the death toll in Chicago sky rocketing they are in it for themselves not the city of Chicago.
from CTI Consulting

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