Thursday, July 27, 2017

How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Mexico

This is a report all should read just throw away the title. The USA did nothing wrong, and like many times the story gets turned on its head. You can not just leave these drug cartels to continue as they want, look at all the killings and take over of the town before the DEA released to the Mexican Government at any level the information they had to help the Mexican Government stop these vicious Cartel criminals. The US has given investigative leads to the top members of the Mexican Govt. and have found the same documents in the car of a mid level Cartel management guy after he crashed leaving Mexico City on his way to Reynosa a border town controlled in part at that time by the Zetas. This was highly classified information given to the top officials of the Mexican Govt. and a copy of the whole classified report was found in car of a small time Cartel member. It was less than 7 hours since the information was released from the USA to the Mexican Govt. Stop trying to blame the USA for the corruption in the Mexican Govt. The DEA agents did their job, and then shared the information with their counterparts in the Mexican Police, to blame them when the Mexican corruption was the problem is just stupid. Mexico stop blaming others and take back the control of your country. Now watch the Mexico Government will react by stopping any cooperation with the USA counter drug agencies, this is what they feel is taking back control, not getting the information they need to stop the Cartels at all. Just hiding their head in the sand again. Good research for this report, just bad reporting by a misguided reporter, who would rather be a victim of USA investigators than look at what the corruption in the Mexican Government has caused in this Massacre.
from CTI Consulting

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