Friday, July 21, 2017

¿Quién es Carlos Mimenza, el empresario autodefensa que regala iPhones para ‘combatir la corrupción’?

Do you want a free I phone and are a citizen of Mexico just film acts of corruption by Mexican Governments and send it to Mr. Carlos Mimenza to support his attack on Mexican Government Corruption. This brave gentleman has already seen the Government of Mexico launch attacks on him, with the help of press under the control of the Cartels and the Mexican Government. Anyone that goes up against the corrupt Mexican Government and the Cartels that feed it with bribe money are going to be charged with anything the Mexican Government can make up against them. If enough brave souls act like Mr. Mimenza there is a chance for Mexico and its Citizens to turn the country around. With the natural resources Mexico has, the the labor supply the country has a available, and a functioning not corrupt Government, Mexico could be one of the most profitable countries in the world.
from CTI Consulting

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