Friday, July 21, 2017

Shootout in Cancun: Narcos Take Their War Into Hot Beach Resorts

Interesting article, well written and provides good in depth look at the problem at the resorts all over Mexico. Part of the unseen war for the resorts is found in the economic war of Cartel profits and the Governments part of those profits vs the 9% of the economy of Mexico the tourism trade provides. The use of mercenary forces to protect the Tourist Resorts is not new, the high tech intel analysis is perhaps a new phase of the vigilante war. Most of the Mercenary forces have had a short life span, the Cartels have provided the Government the intel on them, and then wait for the Government to take them our, or in some cases take on the Mercenary forces themselves. The Resorts, the Cartels, and the Government all clamp down on the Press to limit or stop all reporting on the violence. But it is leaking out and is starting to effect the tourism industry.
from CTI Consulting

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