Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Verizon Security Incident Exposes 14M Subscribers, Highlights Need For Cloud Security - Page: 1 | CRN

Another incident , if you look at the resources that Verizon can bring to securing their cyber assets, it makes you wonder how small businesses on the cutting edge of technology that China and Russia would want, can possibly stay secure. Careers in Cyber Security will be some of the fastest growing in the next few years perhaps more. It is like the old days in securing locks, as each one is designed someone is already finding a way to defeat it, cyber security is just like that but with a much faster turnaround. Each little group of hackers even the single hackers spend hours on breaking new security methods. There's no documentation on the ratio of hackers to security designers, but it is felt that the number is over 100 to 1, and many think it is over 1,000 to 1. in any case there are a lot more on the bad side than on the good side.
from CTI Consulting

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