Friday, July 28, 2017

‘We are shot! We are shot!’ An ICE agent’s final moments resound in U.S. court.

It is a must that you know how every aspect of your vehicle operates, one automatic operation by the vehicle , and one probably unintended operation by one of the Agents, help tip the attack in the favor of the Zettas, still once they where able to get the vehicle to move forward or off the X it helped stop the attack, and let one of the Agents to live. $160,000 vehicle is a great thing to have, but still can be a death trap, if stopped with no response available. As the article states: What happened when the agents’ $160,000 armored Suburban was brought to a halt — blocked by the hit squads — was stunning. The SUV was built to withstand high-velocity gunfire, grenades and land mines. Yet it also came with a consumer convenience: When put in park, its doors unlocked automatically, a flaw previously unaddressed by the U.S. Bureau of Diplomatic Security worldwide. When Espinoza yanked the handle, the heavy door on the driver’s side creaked open. “I think we were all surprised,” the surviving agent, Avila, testified as he spoke publicly for the first time about the assault. The shock all around gave Zapata time to pull shut his door. But Zapata was surrounded at gunpoint, confused and perhaps fumbling to relock the doors, Avila testified; the bulletproof window near him somehow lowered two inches. “They stuck in two barrels, two guns, an AR-15 rifle and a handgun, right here,” Avila told the jury, holding one hand in front of his head and the other inches from his right temple. The attackers kept telling the agents to open the door, he said. “At that moment, they opened fire.”
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