Thursday, August 17, 2017

'13 dead' as van crashes into pedestrians in Barcelona

As it happens again, in another country we all need to learn from their operations on how we can stop these attacks before they happen. It may sound difficult but is not impossible. in fact with all of us paying attention to what is going on around us it is actually hard for the terrorists to keep operating out in the open. They have to conduct surveillance of the attack sites prior to the attack, they will talk to people in the area to ascertain what level of police or other law enforcement presence is in the area. Once those have started an are ongoing then the proper vehicle needs to be obtained and a test run or two will need to be conducted to make sure the attack is possible. Then and only then will the attack start. In the pre-operational phases the terrorists or even terrorist, will normally never have a weapon, it makes it do difficult in case they are stopped. The people that hang out in these areas, either working or playing will be the best people to detect unusual people hanging around conducting surveillance.
from CTI Consulting

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