Thursday, August 17, 2017

'13 dead' as van crashes into pedestrians in Barcelona

Information is still coming in, and there is a lot of confusion on the ground. But some reports now are that a bomb went of in a home associated with the attackers, with death and injuries. To add to the confusion, another bomb has gone off at another building associated with this group. It is rumored that both explosions where premature and the cause is not known. Both TATP and HMTD are both peroxide based explosive and very unstable, depending on how and who made them. Just dropping the bomb a foot in the heat they are experiencing over in Spain can make them go off. This is why the bomb makers are held in such high regard, if you have a proven good one, you try and keep them safe. Stand by for more information and clarifications as they become available.
from CTI Consulting

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