Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Al Qaeda Publishes Blueprint for Attacks on Key U.S. Transportation Systems

Al Qaeda has just published their next Inspire magazine it focuses on Transportation Systems attack with Subways as a key target. I am sure our subway systems are on high alert, but remember the AQ and ISIS game plan is soft targets, which means any mode of transportation is a target. Hitting subways that go above ground is considered to many a soft target since there are so many miles of track, and out door stations to try and secure. I would also expect bus routes and stations to be prime soft targets as well. In the Rio Grand Valley in Texas there are over 20 vulnerable soft target bus stations, some of the biggest have had TSA risk assessments, but many have not, and it will be up to the local Police and City Fathers to try and bring a higher level of security presence to them. As always the attack would be preceded by surveillance and testing of the security. These are the best times to notice an attack before it happens. Once the attack is launched, we are in a response mode and reacting to the attack. Even a low level Terrorist attack would bring most deaths with in the first minuets of the attack, and any response will for the most part be too late. Remember during the surveillance pre attack events, just having random police patrols drive by transportation stations like train and bus stations, could well be all that is needed. They the Terrorist want the attack to be effective, and Police patrols can make all the difference. If there is any chance they have been detected most terrorist cells will break off the target an go look for another one. Since the Police can not be everywhere you and I could be the difference between a successful attack and not. Keep your eyes open for people that look out of place, just looking around with no purpose. If you would like more information on this subject CTI can provide speakers and trainers that can get you and the folks around you ready to be another set of eyes and ears, helping to reduce crime and stop terrorism.
from CTI Consulting

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