Friday, August 18, 2017

Cartel shootout in Mexican border city of Reynosa leaves eight bystander wounded

This is what we all worry about, 8 people just in the wrong area at the wrong time. This drug violence has to stop, loose gunfire from Reynosa can hit American homes and people at any time, and has in the past. Normally as these gun battles heat up in Reynosa and other towns along the border, Cartel leaders and mid level staffing will cross the border to the USA where they often have homes held in the names of family members, and or girlfriends. When they cross the border they do not change their stripes, they continue to be violent individuals who are used to taking what they want. There are restaurants , bars, and clubs that they can operated in with out getting hassled by the local Police, in fact the bouncers in some of the clubs are off duty Police Officers from outlying cities from McAllen, and to some extent Mission. They have been known to arrest people the Cartel folks do not like, if they do not leave when asked. The City Fathers of McAllen keep trying to make 17th street like the high flying an profitable night spots of Austin, but do not seem to realize what everyone else seem to know, that the Cartel's are either co-owners of the clubs or in a few cases full outright owners. One known Cartel member came to at least one McAllen Chamber of Commerce meeting and is rumored to have said to someone, you all know how I am, and now that I have bought the club it will be run different and much safer, since I know how this all works. Young men and women of the valley either know that they are playing a dangerous game at the clubs, others just do not visit the area. Young Adults tend to just not visit the area at all. The word is that you can get in trouble way to easy, and if your girl friend catches the eye of a Cartel member things can go south way to soon. On the other hand if a young man makes a move on one of the Cartel girls, things can get bad very quickly. Back in Reynosa events there can cause dangerous events to happen on the USA side. In one case a Cartel Member was killed in Reynosa early evening , within a few hours a hit team was in a strip joint watching the family member of the Cartel that had killed their mid level leader. When he left the club he was followed and as he approached Mission Tx. on 83 he was shot multiple times by the people following him and he died as the car left the road. Like the 8 people injured in Reynosa in this last shoot out of the Cartels in Reynosa, this car could easily have run into other cars as it veered out of control, when the driver was shot. This type of cross border violence is not covered by our press all that often, not for the reasons that the press do not cover such things on the Mexican side, those press are afraid for their lives. The reasons on our side of the border are the wishes of our City Fathers and larger Businessmen to not show Cartel Operations over here. It is simply bad for business. So keep an eye on what is going on over in Reynosa, at some point it will hit home over here in the USA, it always does.
from CTI Consulting

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