Wednesday, August 2, 2017

El peligroso mundo de las 'papas bomba' - Historias | Revista DONJUAN

These are getting a lot of Press these days, one they rarely have anything to do with potato, other that the size and heft of the bomb, two they can actually kill you, not probably but possibly. The ones reportedly seen and used on the border of the USA and Mexico, have been in Matamoros and just south of Reynosa. Made up of late is using a popper like used at weddings and birthday parties, with flash or other more fire than explosive content, but with nails even paper clips in the mix they can be come very dangerous. The main charge just needs to be able to be set off with the popper. Put the whole deal in a plastic lunch bag carefully wrap it with tin foil and it is ready to go. Think of a medium sized fire cracker with metal, that can be detonated by throwing it on the ground or something solid and you have the "Potato Bomb" it sounds much sexier in Spanish. Some Police and all airport security have been briefed on the device. It will cause a lot of panic since it will have a loud bang and smoke, with quite possible fragmentation injuries from what ever metal is in the bag. If you come across one handle with caution, even squeezing it can cause it to go off. One added issue, with the heat we have been facing down here in the valley any friction can set them off, like just pulling it out of your pocket, more that a few premature blasts have happen as of late. Apparently there are at least two crews making these, and the same crews are making low powered hand grenades, out of old either training or dismantled grenade bodies. Here is a short youtube on the making using and problems with these grenades.
from CTI Consulting

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