Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hikvision Security Code Cracked

This is I hope this is the final stake in the heart of this Company. But is also shows that if a product is made to be controlled by the Vendor even long after the sale, then that same back door is much easier to comprise. This vendor has been on the bad guy list for a number of years now, but it does not mean other camera vendors do not have vulnerabilities as well. Try and never put your camera system if you have internet access on the same router as the network you use for emails and business. In designing large networked camera systems CTI always tries to keep the video system away from other networks, as much as possible we try and make the network hard wired to reduce the wireless threat. If designing a system during build out or planning hopefully, use hard wired systems as much as possible. We even try and put into the design that everywhere a possible camera could be placed or an access control device, even a contact could be place find a place to install a router, hard wired if possible with in 200 feet, this allows for routing wires up and down in the wall and still be with in the 300 foot range for IP wired devices. If possible use fiber optic cable to a point within two router jumps of the final IP device, two router jumps is about as far as you want to push the IP signal.
from CTI Consulting

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