Wednesday, August 9, 2017

PHOTOS: Mexican Drug Cartel Training Camp Discovered near Texas Border

Another great report by Breitbart , this is probably visible from the US side of the border either by drones, tethered blimps or even helicopters fitted with long range surveillance. I do hope we had been watching, to get the pictures of people vehicles and training would be very valuable. I remember a Hamas training camp in the Gaza Strip the IDF sort of left it alone and just kept an eye on it primarily by a tethered blimp, with some really great cameras. One of the great uses of this information is that it makes it easier to find other training camps like it. Mark up one for the Mexican Authorities and a negative for the bad guys, lets keep it up. By the way if it proved worth it they could have kept Satellite Watch on this for weeks even months.
from CTI Consulting

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