Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Police: Man Attempts To Kidnap Student On UC Irvine Campus

These reports of attacks need to get out as soon as possible, we need to be able to notify as many possible victims as we can as well as get every set of eyes and ears out there tuned to this threat. As in any attack the more defined information we can get the better. After I post this I will add to RAV 4 pictures in the comments, one many do not have in their minds eye what one looks like and two RAV 4s come in some very different types of blue. It took me all of 7 seconds to google Blue RAV 4s to come up with them, a good friend of mine Marshall McClain of LA, by the way a friend I have never met got this out as quickly as he could and hopefully before this guy strikes again. Some would say the RAV 4 should have never been released, but that is an argument for later, it is out there now, and may help. I can and have argued both sides or the issue, but I am a paid consultant, and often have to back the side of my clients, and there are good arguments both ways. Thanks again Marshall McClain.
from CTI Consulting

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