Wednesday, August 9, 2017

TSA video reveals 'layers of security' at airports

TSA did a great job with this video, and it could prove a great detriment to bad guys watching it, and wondering how they can make it through. I know I will hear stories today on how TSA missed this or that, but most of the time it was a simple momentary hiccup either by staff or equipment. How any bad guy and or terrorist could plan on waiting around for one of those hiccups it just not good business. The Terrorist needs to find a weakness that they can exploit and plan for, and those are getting harder and harder to come by. Which is why the new Terrorist training material tends to look for soft spots, before many of these layers are engaged. Still the K-9's and the VIPR teams could at anytime find a bad guy and or terrorist trying to plan an attack in these areas, not to mention the Intelligence arm, and last but increasingly more important is you and I keeping a look out for the bad guys, we are the first and last layer of security, thanks for keeping me safer.
from CTI Consulting

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