Thursday, August 3, 2017

WikiLeaks Releases Docs on 'Dumbo' CIA Tool Allowing Control of Webcams

This is interesting, but I have to say an FBI Cyber Crimes Agent did this to me as a test to show meeting participants how easy it was to take over you Webcams. He did not require any USB device, just an email with a surveillance wrapper he picked off the internet for free as he was telling the meeting what he was going to do to me. Once I opened the email, but the way it was the one we all get during the Christmas season, you know the one of Santa coming down the chimney? By the time Santa made it down the chimney the first time, the FBI Agent had my web cam, as well as total control remotely of the computer I was using. Many cheap webcams you buy have an option to upgrade the firmware. If you chose this option, it checks with a Chinese operated web site, and downloads the firmware upgrade and also gives the Chinese complete access to your web cam, as well as your network passwords among other security issues. Still this is a great read and just one more WikiLeaks release of mostly stuff the CIA got themselves off the internet, and just added to their tool box. Good stuff in many cases if you are going hack someones system, but for the most part you can find the same stuff on the internet for free, and or pay for it. Or Just go to the dark web and find even better stuff. The bad news is virtually every Government out there has better stuff, to include the Chinese, the Russians, and yes the USA.
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