Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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TrentonScottH : RT @AP: BREAKING: Witnesses say vehicle drove down popular bike path in lower Manhattan and struck pedestrians and cyclists. https://t.co/dE3HmqEZZ3
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Bloodbath in downtown NYC after driver runs over pedestrians, starts shooting

Newest information is leaning toward a premeditated attack, they are now saying it is a terrorist event at this point. With Halloween happening tonight, parents need to be careful. Tonight will be a target rich environment for this type of attack. Do not change your plans, just keep an eye out for the start of an attack like this, always be looking for something nearby to shield you and your children for this type of attack, like a parked car, or walls, anything that will deflect a vehicle. It will happen very quickly and be over very quickly, so you just need to be ready to act. Plan in your mind how as you are walking along with your children, how you would evade an attack like this.
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From Cancun to Los Cabos, tourists scared off Mexico's beaches

In what they the Cartel and the Mexican Government had agreed to curtail violence at the resorts, the deal is off, the Cartels could not resist the lucrative market and it has become a free fire zone. Since Cartels also use the resorts for entertainment as well, it has also become a place to settle scores between rival Cartels
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We pray the plague is contained, but we need to be prepared, taking the FEMA course on Pandemic's, is a quick and effective way to get a good working knowledge of the problem and methods to mitigate it's growth. It will only take an hour to take the course, take the test and get a certificate. Who knows it could help in your next promotion.
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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Art of Public Speaking: Lessons from the Greatest Speeches in History

Public Speaking is the best way to get your ideas across to others, be it teaching, presenting to a client, or being a panelists at that next convention you attend. Here's a great, inexpensive and quick way to develop your style and techniques, learning from some of the world's best speakers.
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Friday, October 27, 2017

Pandemic, what can we do? With what is going on in 9 Countries in Africa, and is only a plane ride away from hitting the rest of the world it is up to all of us to be planning for a Pandemic threat. FEMA has a course that will help all of you start to understand the problem as well as prepare for it. http://ift.tt/2z3hqpk

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Incivility’s Growing Risk - Risk & Insurance

When you are talking about workplace violence and what to look for, this may be one of the kick off points. Escalation of what looks like simple arguments can lead to grave issues. Nothing says you have to act on an event you see but you should keep it in mind for further investigation, if it happens again, it will need to confronted at some point. Even what you would think are strong people that can handle these issues themselves, often feel trapped in these altercations and build resentments that can lead to further violence. It is a good read for other ideas as well, like legal liability and such, well worth the read.
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Whitepaper: 5 Security Controls for an Effective Security Operations Center (SOC)

This is a great document for anyone doing a risk analysis of what issues they may have, it is pointed to a data center, but the first parts would be applicable to security problem. It is almost a white paper for a security analysis of anything, well worth the read.
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Narco-Terror: Mexican Cartel Operators Busted with Explosive Drone

Not to hammer to much on this, but it has a 1 pound pay load, and a 25 min flying time, even if it is a suicide drone, it has to be a speed vs time vs how close to a target that at some point will notice the device coming in bound. Now it would appear the bomb shown is the now infamous potato bomb which normally has less than half pound of explosive detonates when dropped or thrown at something. Often has some light weight shrapnel in it, adding to the weight, but still a very small high percentage kill zone. I can list a hundred better ways to attack with a bomb, and thousands of ways to just attack to kill a person. Justsayin
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Hackers Could Turn LG Smart Appliances Into Remote-Controlled Spy Robot

This has to be the best IoT hack to date. Not only do you get access to the device and the camera, you can also send the camera around the home or business to see what ever you want to see. I love it. There is a quote from the article that really covers the whole IoT industry: If your smart devices are smart enough to make your life easier, then their smart behavior could also be exploited by hackers to invade your privacy or spy on you, if not secured properly.: If not secured properly is the big hitch, with limited program capability inside these devices, they are difficult if not impossible to secure at the device level. Since it is stated that this particular device can be hacked by itself, the device protection is key. In many cases if we can control the access to the device at the router level, the protection at the device level is not as important. But back doors to devices continues to be a problem.
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Thursday, October 26, 2017

A car bomb that wounded a Ukrainian lawmaker who routinely insulted Russian politicians was caught on video

If you watch the video and the pictures it would appear that the bomb was on or in the Motorcycle left next to the front door of the car. It only wounded the intended victim, but it did kill two others nearby, probably from shrapnel from the device. It is a lot harder to attack with a small bomb like this than folks think. I am not sure what all the flame afterwords was about, but we do not know what type of explosive was used yet. Part of the flames could be from the gas tank of the motorcycle igniting the leaves all over the ground. Just for all the ESI students I just taught a bomb class too, the bodyguard died.
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Panic of Panama Papers-style revelations follows Bermuda law firm hack

Well now this is embarrassing, the Bermuda Law Firm that was hacked exposing very high priced clients data, was never reported until, some investigative Journalists found the data on the web, and started asking questions. I wonder how many more of the Rich and Famous have their secret details they share with their lawyers out on the WWW or the Dark Web. In many cases no one knows until some hacker or journalist comes up with it, or, what happens more is they are black mailed with the information. This just has to make everyone shudder, Law Firms try and secure the data they have, but so does the Department of Defense, with a much larger budget and staff, and yet...stuff gets hacked.
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Putting Blogger Anti-Hikvision Rhetoric in Perspective

Hikvision has mounted a smear movement against the IVPM blog site claiming IPVM is making up the problems with the Hikvision products, interestingly http://ift.tt/2pKbM3S US-CERT advisories are not mentioned in this hit piece by Hikvision. In reality the entire Hikvision product line is suspect, and many if not all US Government Agencies have been advised not to use them. The back door into their systems is well documented as are other security vulnerabilities associated with the Hikvision products. This counter attack by Hikvision should be exposed as another ploy by them to pawn their vulnerability ridden products on unsuspecting Users. If it appeared that the vulnerabilities where just errors in programming that would be one issue, still a major vulnerability, but no it appears the Hikvision products have been designed with these security flaws. Here you go Hikvision WARNING do not buy or use these Hikvision products.
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WATCH: Cartel Gunman Fires at Passing Trucks near Texas Border

Apparently this happen between Reynosa-Monterrey highway, it could be within 10 miles of the border or 100 it just depends. In days past I used to travel on this road to go golf in Monterrey, even then check points along the way would be manned by corrupt cops that would shake you down for money, or bandits that would take your car, and perhaps your life. Now days the road is rarely traveled at night, and even during the day is controlled by different Cartels along the way, it is very dangerous. By the way the corrupt cops at checkpoints still happen.
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IS-520 - Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas

After posting the new Pandemic threat of the PLAGUE in the African area, people are asking how do we even start with planning. FEMA has an online course for you. Free and if their testing problems are solved then you can take a test and get a certificate.
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Plague warning in NINE countries amid fears it could spread on flights

Looks like it is time to dust off the Pandemic emergency plans. There are designated airports in the USA for landing planes with possible infected passengers. The real problem is when one gets off the plane and is out in the world. Many of our cities from large to small are just not prepared for something like the plague, if any of us are. It looks as if this one is somewhat under control, but it is the next one that always worries us. Planning is the key factor, it may not stop it from hitting the area you are in, but it certainly can mitigate its path of infection.
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Real Spy's at work

You always look at the movies to see spy's at work here is a release FBI video of a pass and hand off in a stairway near a subway station, not the best trade craft shown here, but it got the results I guess.
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A YEAR of Clinton lies about the 'golden showers' dossier exposed

The real story here is not the opposition research, everyone does it, you would be crazy not to. Where the rub lies is in the cover up, as always, the cover up always looks 20 times worse than the story itself. Having done opposition research for both parties and at different levels of elections, it is usually done through lawyers so that there is some deniability, but always knowing that it can come out. CTI has done back ground research for candidates themselves just so the candidate knows what the opposition research is going come up with, this is another set of research that every candidate should and usually does. The Clinton's did it before President Clinton's first and second election, it is just good business. Many times you do come up with unsubstantiated stories that you give very little weight to, but you still report it to your client in case someone else digs it up and a response can be developed. I don't see anything wrong with what the Clinton camp did, it was the cover up that hurt. I do not think even Sen. McCain was wrong to give a copy he received from someone with the unsubstantiated stories in it to the FBI. He almost had to in case someone else started to leak the stories. Then at least the FBI could head off anything damaging to our Nation. The problem is the FBI then leaked it or the Justice Department, which then gave the unsubstantiated story credibility that it did not have before. It all then circles around to the cover up, which President Clinton should have told his wife just never works.
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Airlines get ready for new U.S. security rules from Thursday

This only effects International flights at this time. But the shake out period can be problematic for some travelers. Just like TSA Pre will let you avoid some of the hassles from the new screening procedures for US travel, I understand the Global Traveler program will aid you in some of these new International travel requirements.
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Five years after the Newtown massacre, stunning warning signs revealed in FBI report

Stunning warning signs is a bit much, but there are areas that this shooter slipped through the cracks. Yes it is hard to blame the Mother since she was a victim, the first one, but she did have some responsibility here, as did others in the family. The Police can not act until a crime has happened, ok, but the Mother could have put the weapons out of reach when she heard his threats. His whole lifestyle screamed I am going to hurt someone, if the weapons had been taken away, he probably would have used another weapon, I agree, but the attack plan would have been more difficult. Reading the FBI reports, it would appear the school did a good job based on the threat at that time. Yes, more could have been done, but more can always be done, you base your security on the threat faced, and up to this attack, the threat was low. Yes, a gun in the hands of a teacher or even hiring an off duty Police officer would have helped, but it would have been considered overkill prior to the attack, and it would have been. Will this happen again, yes, probably not in the same way, people will adapt their attacks to thwart new security policies and practices, Our schools, all of them, are soft targets by any threat profile, but it is more the way a school has to run and the people (ie, the students, our children) need the system to run, that makes them soft targets. We always seem to high-lite the failures of Law Enforcement and Security, but fail to see how many times events like these have been prevented, which are in the hundred if not thousands each and every year. With a little help and training, our Children are our best line of defense in most of these situations, they often can tell us something is not right prior to the event, we just have to listen to them. In this case the shooter was noticed by his peers and they had a good idea he was dangerous, unfortunately the school he went to shoot at was not aware of him, or his difficulties. But his family was and did not do enough to protect us all. But that is often the case no family wants to face up to facts like the threats he made prior to the event, and take actions that would have made it far more difficult to for him to act the way he did.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Possible, but not a high probability of a successful attack.
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Terror from skies as Mexican cartel attaches bomb to drone

This is a real possibility but not a huge threat, the pay load is the problem. Meth and Cocaine are light, and every time they try to boost the load, they run into battery life and control problems. If not everyone would be using Drones here along the border, not trying other ways to get through. In drugs in like most things money is the issue, Cartels can lose x amount of loads and still make a profit, when the X get's to big they move on. The drones are not carrying enough weight to be a high profit method yet, vs, the number of drones caught, or crash. With the use of the Drone as a bomb it always comes down to the weight of the explosive pay load and the area of the attack. As the pay load goes up, the time it can fly goes down, so if you are going to kill someone with a bomb, it has to be big enough to do the job, and the target has to be close enough to get the bomb there. The smaller the bomb the closer you have to get it. The bigger the bomb the harder it is to get it on to a target. Not to mention if the target runs, and or, if the target or their body guards shoot back at it with shotguns. So it you can find a drunk target in an open area and take the time to get a small bomb on him, then, perhaps. Other wise I would be looking for another attack vector. Just using one slide from the Homeland security presentation on bombs, shows 1 pound of TNT has to get within 3 feet of the target for an around 100% kill, if you can get 4 feet away from the device it can cause serious damage, but you can live. Now that is just blast pressure, if you add more shrapnel to the bomb, that is more weight, but you can get the kill zone a bit larger, but the percentage of 100% kill goes down as well. Other attack vectors like snipers, or attack teams can be much more effective, so yet possible yet not probable
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Reaper, a massive new botnet, is a cyberattack waiting to happen

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Kids’ smartwatches harbouring major security flaws

More and more governments, citizen groups and just users are figuring out how dangerous the Internet of Things (IoT) can be to our safety. This report should be read by all parents, and understand the risks vs rewards of these devices, then make you call.
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Friday, October 20, 2017

Feds urge airlines to ban laptops in checked bags, citing fire, explosion risk

TrentonScottH : Another laptop ban is proposed, but maybe not the one you were expecting. #aviationsecurity https://t.co/GbM1m683TJ
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Investigators arrest leader of Gulf Cartel 'rip crew'

In the midst of a running gun battle in Reynosa on the Mexican border today, where the Cartel are reportedly using hand grenades and other explosive devices, on our side of the border a notorious: Gulf Cartel member has been arrested today, who has been leading a "Rip" crew, conducting a string of home invasions on rival Cartel members in the McAllen, Mission, San Juan, and Edinburg all in Texas. As always when things heat up in Mexico, they also heat up on the border towns in the USA. Just the fact that they rip teams exist on the USA side of the border handling the the Gulf Cartels enforcer work. This type of cross border violence has been a growing problem for years.
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TSA chief promises new vision for airport security checkpoints

TrentonScottH : From yesterday’s ACI-NA Public Safety and Security Conference #airports https://t.co/iF9VQ6zNfJ
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

TSA Announces New Procedures For Airport Security Checkpoint

TrentonScottH : As much as TSA is trying to streamline the process, this is yet another reason to enroll in PreCheck or Global Entry https://t.co/K7DtY18dT8
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This is a Tip sheet on the dangers of IoT devices and some ideas on how to protect yourself when using them.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Don't Panic, But Wi-Fi's Main Security Protocol Has Been Broken

TrentonScottH : Until your device maker issues a patch, avoid public Wi-Fi if you can; if you can’t, try to only visit HTTPS sites. https://t.co/NSxLL77VET
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Espionage and Covert Operations: A Global History

Continuing to learn is how we all grow, for less than 25$ this is a University level series of lectures by Professor Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius, Ph.D. University of Tennessee, that takes you from the beginnings of Espionage to what is happening now.
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Thinking about Cybersecurity: From Cyber Crime to Cyber Warfare

If you want a crash course on Cyber security that hits the problem from all points, this is it, for less than $20s and a few hours of your time you will receive a University Level series of lectures, given by Professor Paul Rosenzweig, The George Washington University Law School, he also has held high positions in the US Government helping develop our ongoing cyber security efforts. If you are interested in the field or just want a good foundation for your own growth, this is a great course.
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Utopia and Terror in the 20th Century

It you have a long commute or are just walking for an hour or so a day, you can listen to this lecture series on Utopia and Terror, it is a bit biased in places, but it will give you a great foundation to understanding terror through the 20 Century. It is a bit pricey, but if you wait for a sale it may go easier. I think I got it on one of their deals for around 50 dollars. This is a University level series of lectures by Dr. Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius is Lindsay Young Professor of History and Director of the Center for the Study of War and Society at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. It is well worth the $130, and will allow you to understand and discuss terrorism and its roots with anyone.
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Counter Terrorist Magazine: Child Kidnap Prevention! | International Bodyguard, Detective, Anti-Terrorist Services & Training

This is a well written article with some good advice, well worth the read for all families with children. This could be the best 20 min read a parent can do this weekend. I do not know Mr. Wilson, but I do know the people that run the Magazine The Counter Terrorist and they have a lot of skill and experience behind their writing. Please take the time to read this, if it does nothing more than put some thoughts in your head that may prevent that next kidnapping either in the USA or while traveling.
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Friday, October 13, 2017

The sound in Havana: What Americans heard in Cuba attacks

Every Country, including the USA, Russia, and China are working to develop new attacks using sound waves at different frequency’s and modulation types. We have a number of sonic “weapons” in our arsenal, some that make you uncomfortable, some just above the audible range that can make you feel a burning sensation. Technology transfer folks have looked at using them for crowd control, and they have been tested in a number of States. I could in my office turn on a simple audio generator program in my computer and play modulated high frequency tones, just above my hearing capability, but within the younger folks in the office’s hearing range, I would get complaints quickly and people would move away from my office or close doors. It would appear that whoever is doing this attack has hit on a set of frequencies and modulation that are effecting the thinking process of some people. The bad news is it is not rocket science, once they have been developed, almost anyone can replicate the system. For instance if a Cuban student was at the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, or as it is now called “RUDN” or Russian Peoples’ Friendship University, they may have received a CD with the system on it. By the way this university is also known as the terrorism university, catering to mainly foreign students looking to change the world in communist directions. Once they have the CD almost any computer could duplicate the system, which was probably just a prototype of the Russian Intel community that got away from them.
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

NPR Says Russian Software Company Behind Hacks Is No Longer a Corporate Underwriter

In the latest revelation of Russian meddling NPR has had to let go of its Russian backed and controlled sponsor Kaspersky Lab's. Now this is true meddling by the Russians on a very liberal news outlet, and no one is screaming that the Russians are involved in US Politics. Russia has it's espionage tentacles all over virtually every sector of American Corporations and Government. The really bad news is that the Chinese are attacking twice as hard, with far more real success than Russia. The Chinese just try and be a little more clandestine about it.
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New generation aircraft face increased cyber threat

Most experts agree that the WIFI access to planes has not been fully thought out, and our planes are vulnerable. Not only are the planes vulnerable, but when people access the plane's WIFI their phones, tablets, even computers are vulnerable. In our attempt to link all things we are way to often sacrificing security, not knowingly, but we are. When access to a router in the planes system is given, then operations attached to that router be it the planes systems or fellow passengers are extremely vulnerable. Jumping IP systems to the plane could be tricky if the security is robust enough, but with new exploits happening every hour of every day, keeping that barrier if there is one between systems secure it not probable. Once into the plane's computer system a back door can be exploited or made, to allow the attacker to leave the plane and use the back door, which may be a phone left on board, or a link it the radio used by the router. Basically there are so many ways around security when using WIFI it is quite possible it can be secured. But here is the bad news, even with the Passenger WIFI shut down experts have proven they can access the aircraft systems at Black Hat Conventions, so Cyber security is a real push for designers, the question is can they keep a wall up that will protect us from the bad guys.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Las Vegas shooter fired 'incendiary' rounds at fuel tank

These would not have lit off a fuel tank, the bullet would have entered the tank and gone out immediately. This has been tested in the past even with 3.5 rocket rounds, even the 3.5 rounds with explosive heads enter into the large tanks and get snuffed out. Fuel like this need lots of air to ignite as a flame, or what may look like an explosion, and where one gallon of gas has the potential energy of up to 40 sticks of dynamite. You have to get lots of air into it, and then to become a mechanical explosion the fuel would have to be confined in some what, which is why fuel is not considered a great explosive, it needs lot of air and needs to be confined, very had to get it just right.
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Detection and mapping of illicit drugs and their metabolites in fingermarks by MALDI MS and compatibility with forensic techniques

This should be interesting, I am not sure if will do all that the inventors claim, but it should shake up some interviews with bad guys to know all this stuff about them. But the courts when they get hold of this, will keep experts busy for years, and most of the wins will go to the defense on a number of grounds. Even for back ground screening these results will be attacked, and I can see some large monetary wins for people not hired or fired because of the test. But it is great science, but science and reality often come into conflict and no where more than in a court room.
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Commit a crime? Your Fitbit, key fob or pacemaker could snitch on you.

Your Smart IP ready device's are a dangerous item at times mainly to your selves. Often going by the name the "Internet of Things" or IoT in the tech jargon. "Americans are just waking up to the fact that their smart devices are going to snitch on them," Ferguson said. "And that they are going to reveal intimate details about their lives they did not intend law enforcement to have." The problem is that it is not just law enforcement that is interested. Spouses are using them to check on each other, Bosses to check on employees. Since more and more people are learning about the availability and usability of the data, bad guy's are learning to be aware of and make sure that they destroy the possibility of evidence.
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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Russians in Silicon Valley Can’t Shake Hacking’s Shadow

There's a real reason for concern dealing with Russian staffing. Even if they are good guys, they are subject to their families being threatened, and turned that way. The company's that take Russian investment money are also at the risk of being controlled by the investors. Many tech start ups do not show a return on investment in a timely manner, which can put stresses on a new business, which the Russians are known to exploit. Between the Russians and the Chinese these open inroads into our tech companies are quickly turning into an insider threat problem that will be difficult to recover from.
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Las Vegas gunman seemed like 'a rational man,' Steve Wynn tells 'Fox News Sunday'

From the article it appears Mr. Wynn has taken a lot of precautions, and worked to develop a counter terrorism program to meet the emerging threats. The Casinos in Las Vegas have been a target of ISIS and AQ for a number of years, and many have hired consultants to help them develop defense's. CTI has been one of those set of consultants mainly working bomb prevention and mitigation. Stopping all these possible incidents is probably impossible, but as Mr. Wynn stated the moves and defenses developed tilt the odds of prevention the mitigation of these incidents in our favor. CTI's services include threat analysis, designing prevention strategies which include training aimed at detecting the pre event behaviors and actions. Like conducting surveillance, every one plans before an event like this, so did this shooter. They test security, which maybe why he did not attack in Chicago or other events he conducted pre event surveillance at. There's six pre attack stages all attackers go through at some point, sometimes quickly and other times can take weeks months even years. CTI's behavior training is based on the Marines Combat Hunter program, and parts of the detection program brought over from Israel's airport and border screening program. Plus the 40 plus years of experience different CTI staff have from Police, Military, and US Secret Service training and ground work.
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Reporting: The Cornerstone of Threat Assessment

Here is the crux of the matter when we are trying to identify and hopefully prevent or at least mitigate violence, be it Terrorism or Workplace violence, to include Active Shooter incidents. Noticing a behavior is only one step of the process, reporting is the critical step. We need to insure that we have readily known methods of reporting our suspicions. As the statement in Campus Security Magazine states. "Following violent incidents, acquaintances, family members and co-workers often recall that something was just not right with the person responsible, but no one thought to tell this to someone in an official position."
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Friday, October 6, 2017

Moscow faces 130 fake bomb calls, evacuates 100,000 people

130 fake bomb threat calls must have been received by people not trained to deal with them. To plant that many bombs in one day would be amazing, and very hard to believe. Handling bomb threat calls requires training, and a protocol to deal with them. But to act on 130 fake calls really shows poor administrative oversight. Part of a bomb class CTI will teach for ESI at the end of the month deals with how to handle and evaluate bomb threats. In the USA over 90% plus are fake, and the real number is in the 99% factor. In fact responding to these threats has led to as many injuries as the number of people hurt by the bombs left by bombers that have called in threats, which is close to zero. But people spraining ankles and knees falling down stairs while evacuating is pretty common. Heart attacks are also a common factor when evacuating from bomb threats. This is not counting the money and business lost during evacuations. Still, people have sued businesses and facilities, when then learn of a bomb threat and no evacuation was called. Walking this thin line requires training based on studying past threats.
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Man arrested after 'trying to smuggle BOMB onto passenger plane in Sweden

This was described as a TATP device, if so everyone in the area was very lucky it did not go off. These are extremely dangerous to the maker of the explosives as well as the carrier. If you remember back to the Brussels airport bombs, the cab driver tried to help them load and unload the bags from his vehicle, and they would not let him, knowing that a simple drop to the ground could make it go off. Training bomb dogs and their handlers on how to detect TATP and the other Peroxide based home made explosive requires very careful setup. Since the bomb dog just bumping the device with its nose and knocking it over could cause it to explode. If you look at the chemical make up of the explosive it has been around for years, in fact was at one time being considered as a weapon by armies like C3 or C4 the plastic explosives as they are called. The problem was two fold it went off way to easily, so just carrying it was dangerous, plus if hit by a bullet it would always go off. The second part is it does not have a good half life, I have set off C3 before, and it was over 30 years old, after a week, perhaps a few days, and TATP may not even go off high order.
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Executive Security International

Defensive Marksmen, or Over Watch Counter Sniper response I have talked with a number of clients since the Las Vegas shooting as to what can we do to stop or mitigate this type of attack. I have been working with the idea of an over watch like a counter sniper response. There are many legal issues to wade through, but think of one counter sniper in position that could have looked up and seen the flash from the weapons fire and provide defensive fire in return. ESI provides this training and has graduates from their courses that can provide this type of defensive fire to back off a shooter like the Las Vegas shooter, if not disable them.
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Trump’s chief of staff reportedly used ‘compromised’ phone for months

TrentonScottH : Be sure to install device security updates ASAP when available. If it’s not working right, you might be compromised. https://t.co/De1WJV47vL
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Thursday, October 5, 2017


TrentonScottH : Interesting that the Senate kept TSA staffing of airport exit lanes & LEO grants, programs the Pres wanted to defund https://t.co/zejXHO71hM
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Executive Security International

ESI's Designated Defensive Marksman Course, will get your team up to a higher standard of protection. Take a look, this should be your next course if you deal in high risk environments.
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Stephen Paddock Booked Hotel Overlooking Lollapalooza 2 Months Before Vegas Massacre

This really should get the attention of the rest of us, it may well have happen in Chicago instead of Las Vegas, hotels all over should be analyzing what happen in Las Vegas and adjusting their security posture accordingly. I am not sure full time screening is going to work long term, hotels where not designed for it, and there are too many entrances in most of them. But to institute random screening is not only possible, but historically has been almost or just as effective in stopping bad guys from introducing weapons and other bad things into a facility. The biggest issue a hotel or other facility would have will center around profiling and the charge of racial profiling. But with the proper training and protocols in place that can be minimized if not completely eliminated as a charge. The bottom line this could have happen in any city, and well need to understand the threat before a copycat or ISIS figures out that this was more effective than a bomb. CTI can train your facilities staff and or security on what to look for and how to react in less than 7 hours and can train them on just the basics in an hour, just the training alone can reduce you liability if an incident happens, or quite possibly stop it before the shooting starts.
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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

BREAKING: Sheriff Says Las Vegas Shooter Could Have Been "Radicalized" » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

If and it is a big if, that the Las Vegas Shooter did convert to Islam prior to the shooting, it would not be the first older white male to do so, even though does not fit with the FBI stance or profile. A 54 year old airport worker did just that a few years ago in middle America. Luckeley, his plot was averted. The reason for the conversion seemed to center around all the classic points. He was divorced and had very little or no social contact with his family. He believed his job was in jeopardy, his son knew of the conversion, but claimed to not know about the radicalization, much like our Las Vegas Shooter.
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Yahoo just said every single account was affected by 2013 attack — 3 billion in all

As the article states all yahoo users accounts are effected, so anyone with any part of dealing with Yahoo all 3 billion plus, need to take precautions.
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Guests Scanned at the Wynn in Glimpse of Las Vegas’s Future

This looks like a solution, but it will take much more than a quick scan at check in. With the number of entrances into most Casinos, trying to control access is going to be a much larger problem than they anticipated. By searching at the front entrance and missing other entrances, even just at times, they are going to have possible negligence liability.
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Monday, October 2, 2017

Trenton Scott H. on Twitter

TrentonScottH : @BennyGelillo Could be mental instability, or maybe he was radicalized by political/religious group, or going throu… https://t.co/y6i1ghYXhn
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Trenton Scott H. on Twitter

TrentonScottH : The #LasVegasShooting attack came from the hotel across the street. It’s an enormous challenge to secure a venue fr… https://t.co/7FkuJvuWKk
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Police: Shooting On Las Vegas Strip Kills At Least 58, Wounds More Than 500

The lead into this story stated the Sheriff in Las Vegas said this could not have been prevented, which actually is not what he said, he did state he did not know how this could have been prevented. Not every event can be detected and prevented, but most can be with the proper training, and the proper action by the people around the attacker. We all need to be more responsible for what is going on around us, and to report people and events that can lead to attacks like this. Someone knew most of the story here, but took the attitude that it was not their job to report or warn anyone. We need to stop using the, it was not their job to report things, cop out. It is all our jobs to look out for those around us.
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First pic of gunman who killed 50 and injured 400+ in America's worst massacre

Update on the Las Vegas shooting, the numbers have gotten a lot worse. Still information coming in and a lot of rumors floating, so please standby for facts before jumping to conclusions and making new laws to prevent this from happening again. Lots of questions are still unanswered, like how this happen with out anyone knowing, but it is already coming out that he did act in ways that could have pointed to problems in his life that may have led to this tragedy. Gun rights people on both sides of the issue are going to take stances that are not productive. Having weapons like these (what ever it turns out it was) is a right, but people around him also need to understand they have a responsibility to protect us from those same weapons being used to kill so many. Reporting, even friends and family, that are acting in such a way that could be dangerous to the rest of us, is a responsibility we all need to take seriously. People do not want the Police to probe into our private lives, but that just points more to the responsibility of all of us to report suspicious events, like buying up vast amounts of weapons or ammunition in a way that could lead to an event like this. There are lots of reasons to buy weapons and large amounts of ammunition, but reporting suspicious activity does not mean arrests, it just helps make sure that we can help prevent incidents like this one. Someone knew something was not usual here, and yet no one reported it, and now sit back and claim it was not there job to reports it, 50 people may still be alive if they had. It is up to all of us to protect the rest of us from events like this one.
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