Friday, October 6, 2017

Executive Security International

Defensive Marksmen, or Over Watch Counter Sniper response I have talked with a number of clients since the Las Vegas shooting as to what can we do to stop or mitigate this type of attack. I have been working with the idea of an over watch like a counter sniper response. There are many legal issues to wade through, but think of one counter sniper in position that could have looked up and seen the flash from the weapons fire and provide defensive fire in return. ESI provides this training and has graduates from their courses that can provide this type of defensive fire to back off a shooter like the Las Vegas shooter, if not disable them.
from CTI Consulting


  1. This can’t be seriously considered. This option would only be suitable for SWAT snipers. As a prior army sniper AND State department designated defensive marksman this requires continuous training. ESI’s so called training is not validated by any outside agency that I'm aware of. Even armed guards primary responsibility is to be a visual deterrent and observe and report only. This recommendation suggests that a civilian shooter with little to no follow up training is to engage a moving target in an elevated position without causing collateral damage? Seriously a poor suggestion without much thought and experience in this type of suggested role.

  2. Yes, training is an issue, and before you dismiss ESI training out of hand, it is great training, and some students are active Police Officers. The training for a larger police department SWAT team may be at a higher level, but not for most smaller police departments, even if they do have any trained defensive marksman. Yes the legal hurdles are there, but so is losing 50+ people with out a viable solution, or at least one that would back up the shooter long enough to get a response to them.