Monday, October 2, 2017

First pic of gunman who killed 50 and injured 400+ in America's worst massacre

Update on the Las Vegas shooting, the numbers have gotten a lot worse. Still information coming in and a lot of rumors floating, so please standby for facts before jumping to conclusions and making new laws to prevent this from happening again. Lots of questions are still unanswered, like how this happen with out anyone knowing, but it is already coming out that he did act in ways that could have pointed to problems in his life that may have led to this tragedy. Gun rights people on both sides of the issue are going to take stances that are not productive. Having weapons like these (what ever it turns out it was) is a right, but people around him also need to understand they have a responsibility to protect us from those same weapons being used to kill so many. Reporting, even friends and family, that are acting in such a way that could be dangerous to the rest of us, is a responsibility we all need to take seriously. People do not want the Police to probe into our private lives, but that just points more to the responsibility of all of us to report suspicious events, like buying up vast amounts of weapons or ammunition in a way that could lead to an event like this. There are lots of reasons to buy weapons and large amounts of ammunition, but reporting suspicious activity does not mean arrests, it just helps make sure that we can help prevent incidents like this one. Someone knew something was not usual here, and yet no one reported it, and now sit back and claim it was not there job to reports it, 50 people may still be alive if they had. It is up to all of us to protect the rest of us from events like this one.
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