Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Five years after the Newtown massacre, stunning warning signs revealed in FBI report

Stunning warning signs is a bit much, but there are areas that this shooter slipped through the cracks. Yes it is hard to blame the Mother since she was a victim, the first one, but she did have some responsibility here, as did others in the family. The Police can not act until a crime has happened, ok, but the Mother could have put the weapons out of reach when she heard his threats. His whole lifestyle screamed I am going to hurt someone, if the weapons had been taken away, he probably would have used another weapon, I agree, but the attack plan would have been more difficult. Reading the FBI reports, it would appear the school did a good job based on the threat at that time. Yes, more could have been done, but more can always be done, you base your security on the threat faced, and up to this attack, the threat was low. Yes, a gun in the hands of a teacher or even hiring an off duty Police officer would have helped, but it would have been considered overkill prior to the attack, and it would have been. Will this happen again, yes, probably not in the same way, people will adapt their attacks to thwart new security policies and practices, Our schools, all of them, are soft targets by any threat profile, but it is more the way a school has to run and the people (ie, the students, our children) need the system to run, that makes them soft targets. We always seem to high-lite the failures of Law Enforcement and Security, but fail to see how many times events like these have been prevented, which are in the hundred if not thousands each and every year. With a little help and training, our Children are our best line of defense in most of these situations, they often can tell us something is not right prior to the event, we just have to listen to them. In this case the shooter was noticed by his peers and they had a good idea he was dangerous, unfortunately the school he went to shoot at was not aware of him, or his difficulties. But his family was and did not do enough to protect us all. But that is often the case no family wants to face up to facts like the threats he made prior to the event, and take actions that would have made it far more difficult to for him to act the way he did.
from CTI Consulting

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