Sunday, October 8, 2017

Las Vegas gunman seemed like 'a rational man,' Steve Wynn tells 'Fox News Sunday'

From the article it appears Mr. Wynn has taken a lot of precautions, and worked to develop a counter terrorism program to meet the emerging threats. The Casinos in Las Vegas have been a target of ISIS and AQ for a number of years, and many have hired consultants to help them develop defense's. CTI has been one of those set of consultants mainly working bomb prevention and mitigation. Stopping all these possible incidents is probably impossible, but as Mr. Wynn stated the moves and defenses developed tilt the odds of prevention the mitigation of these incidents in our favor. CTI's services include threat analysis, designing prevention strategies which include training aimed at detecting the pre event behaviors and actions. Like conducting surveillance, every one plans before an event like this, so did this shooter. They test security, which maybe why he did not attack in Chicago or other events he conducted pre event surveillance at. There's six pre attack stages all attackers go through at some point, sometimes quickly and other times can take weeks months even years. CTI's behavior training is based on the Marines Combat Hunter program, and parts of the detection program brought over from Israel's airport and border screening program. Plus the 40 plus years of experience different CTI staff have from Police, Military, and US Secret Service training and ground work.
from CTI Consulting

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