Friday, October 6, 2017

Man arrested after 'trying to smuggle BOMB onto passenger plane in Sweden

This was described as a TATP device, if so everyone in the area was very lucky it did not go off. These are extremely dangerous to the maker of the explosives as well as the carrier. If you remember back to the Brussels airport bombs, the cab driver tried to help them load and unload the bags from his vehicle, and they would not let him, knowing that a simple drop to the ground could make it go off. Training bomb dogs and their handlers on how to detect TATP and the other Peroxide based home made explosive requires very careful setup. Since the bomb dog just bumping the device with its nose and knocking it over could cause it to explode. If you look at the chemical make up of the explosive it has been around for years, in fact was at one time being considered as a weapon by armies like C3 or C4 the plastic explosives as they are called. The problem was two fold it went off way to easily, so just carrying it was dangerous, plus if hit by a bullet it would always go off. The second part is it does not have a good half life, I have set off C3 before, and it was over 30 years old, after a week, perhaps a few days, and TATP may not even go off high order.
from CTI Consulting

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