Thursday, October 12, 2017

New generation aircraft face increased cyber threat

Most experts agree that the WIFI access to planes has not been fully thought out, and our planes are vulnerable. Not only are the planes vulnerable, but when people access the plane's WIFI their phones, tablets, even computers are vulnerable. In our attempt to link all things we are way to often sacrificing security, not knowingly, but we are. When access to a router in the planes system is given, then operations attached to that router be it the planes systems or fellow passengers are extremely vulnerable. Jumping IP systems to the plane could be tricky if the security is robust enough, but with new exploits happening every hour of every day, keeping that barrier if there is one between systems secure it not probable. Once into the plane's computer system a back door can be exploited or made, to allow the attacker to leave the plane and use the back door, which may be a phone left on board, or a link it the radio used by the router. Basically there are so many ways around security when using WIFI it is quite possible it can be secured. But here is the bad news, even with the Passenger WIFI shut down experts have proven they can access the aircraft systems at Black Hat Conventions, so Cyber security is a real push for designers, the question is can they keep a wall up that will protect us from the bad guys.
from CTI Consulting

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