Thursday, October 26, 2017

Putting Blogger Anti-Hikvision Rhetoric in Perspective

Hikvision has mounted a smear movement against the IVPM blog site claiming IPVM is making up the problems with the Hikvision products, interestingly US-CERT advisories are not mentioned in this hit piece by Hikvision. In reality the entire Hikvision product line is suspect, and many if not all US Government Agencies have been advised not to use them. The back door into their systems is well documented as are other security vulnerabilities associated with the Hikvision products. This counter attack by Hikvision should be exposed as another ploy by them to pawn their vulnerability ridden products on unsuspecting Users. If it appeared that the vulnerabilities where just errors in programming that would be one issue, still a major vulnerability, but no it appears the Hikvision products have been designed with these security flaws. Here you go Hikvision WARNING do not buy or use these Hikvision products.
from CTI Consulting

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