Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Terror from skies as Mexican cartel attaches bomb to drone

This is a real possibility but not a huge threat, the pay load is the problem. Meth and Cocaine are light, and every time they try to boost the load, they run into battery life and control problems. If not everyone would be using Drones here along the border, not trying other ways to get through. In drugs in like most things money is the issue, Cartels can lose x amount of loads and still make a profit, when the X get's to big they move on. The drones are not carrying enough weight to be a high profit method yet, vs, the number of drones caught, or crash. With the use of the Drone as a bomb it always comes down to the weight of the explosive pay load and the area of the attack. As the pay load goes up, the time it can fly goes down, so if you are going to kill someone with a bomb, it has to be big enough to do the job, and the target has to be close enough to get the bomb there. The smaller the bomb the closer you have to get it. The bigger the bomb the harder it is to get it on to a target. Not to mention if the target runs, and or, if the target or their body guards shoot back at it with shotguns. So it you can find a drunk target in an open area and take the time to get a small bomb on him, then, perhaps. Other wise I would be looking for another attack vector. Just using one slide from the Homeland security presentation on bombs, shows 1 pound of TNT has to get within 3 feet of the target for an around 100% kill, if you can get 4 feet away from the device it can cause serious damage, but you can live. Now that is just blast pressure, if you add more shrapnel to the bomb, that is more weight, but you can get the kill zone a bit larger, but the percentage of 100% kill goes down as well. Other attack vectors like snipers, or attack teams can be much more effective, so yet possible yet not probable
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/2z4DPTu

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