Friday, October 13, 2017

The sound in Havana: What Americans heard in Cuba attacks

Every Country, including the USA, Russia, and China are working to develop new attacks using sound waves at different frequency’s and modulation types. We have a number of sonic “weapons” in our arsenal, some that make you uncomfortable, some just above the audible range that can make you feel a burning sensation. Technology transfer folks have looked at using them for crowd control, and they have been tested in a number of States. I could in my office turn on a simple audio generator program in my computer and play modulated high frequency tones, just above my hearing capability, but within the younger folks in the office’s hearing range, I would get complaints quickly and people would move away from my office or close doors. It would appear that whoever is doing this attack has hit on a set of frequencies and modulation that are effecting the thinking process of some people. The bad news is it is not rocket science, once they have been developed, almost anyone can replicate the system. For instance if a Cuban student was at the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, or as it is now called “RUDN” or Russian Peoples’ Friendship University, they may have received a CD with the system on it. By the way this university is also known as the terrorism university, catering to mainly foreign students looking to change the world in communist directions. Once they have the CD almost any computer could duplicate the system, which was probably just a prototype of the Russian Intel community that got away from them.
from CTI Consulting

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