Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bag stolen at OR Thambo airport while man rents a car

Not the greatest video, but this should be watched by all airport workers. It is a classic two man team taking a bag right in front of everyone. Notice the setup they are at a seating location near the airport car rental counters keeping a watch out for possible victims. When they see one they start to move over to him. First the one tries it, does not feel it is going to work, so his partner sets up a distraction, letting the first man grab the bag. Now notice how he positions it so if the man or the counter clerk take a look at him the bag is not showing, His partner delays for a second but then becomes another shield with his body from the victims should he turn around to see the bag. Now notice that they have a route that takes them out of sight of the victim and the clerks very quickly making even the direction of travel out of the airport a problem for witnesses. This should be a training video for all airport, bus terminals any where this type of bag snatch can happen.
from CTI Consulting

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