Friday, November 24, 2017

Border Patrol agents arrest tocayos accused of transporting marijuana for 'El Whiskey'

This 18 year old is going to pay for this lack of judgement for the rest of his life, the other is already probably a lost cause. Our young men here in the valley need understand the ramifications of hanging out with folks, even family members that can get them into this kind of trouble. You Parents need to watch out for these relationships and try and stop them, before they lead your child into problems that will mess up their lives for ever. This often could require the parents to turn in the bad influance if they see him doing anything wrong. A simple weapons charge, or even smoking marijuana illegally should be reported anything to break up the link between problem people and your kids. It can be difficult, the offender maybe a close family friend, even a relative, but the other side of the coin is an incident like this hurting your child for the rest of his or her life. I hear to often the excuse it was just a friend, I do not know how it all went so wrong. This is how it all goes so wrong.
from CTI Consulting

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