Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Built-in Keylogger Found in MantisTek GK2 Keyboards—Sends Data to China

Have I got a deal for you, just in time for Christmas, you can buy this key board and send everything you type to China, no extra charge. At some point China has to be stopped, this type of spying is being found more and more in Chinese products. So many products from companies that sound American, and maybe, but their products are made in China also have these problems. One HP Printer/copier/fax machine all in one, incorporates a scanner in it that is built in China, by the way most cheap all in one printers have the same scanner. A cyber security team from the US Government found it in a major US Organization (see the www.ctic.co blog for more info on this) along with a Honewell Smart Thermostat. Both systems could not be cleared, as I am sure you will find with this keyboard. The vulnerability is built into the firm ware of the devices. But hey it is a good price for this level keyboard. Just for you Christmas sale buyers that want to give the wife or other loved one a new phone, you can get the ZTE phone free with most cut rate monthly plans. Bestbuy, Walmart, HEB stores all carry this phone, it comes with an android operating system, that as soon as you turn it on it starts to use its or any WIFI signal to send all the contacts back to China. Experts have taken the Android operating system off the phone and installed a new android operating system back on the phone, within a short time, less than a half hour, it is sending info back to China again. Once again the problem was in the firmware of the phone and could not be stopped. Chinese have cornered the marked on cheap CCTV cameras, and most if not all have similar vulnerabilities. The only good thing I can think of, is that at some point the Chinese servers excepting all this data will be overcome and start shutting themselves down. So far they have just added more server farms to handle the traffic.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/2yFDxmd

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