Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Clery Act Requirements For Study Abroad And Field Trips - Campus Safety Magazine

If you have children from K-12 and perhaps more importantly in university, then you should know a bit about the Clery Act that requires reporting and keeping logs of any crimes that involve the University Campus, and as this article documents many off Campus programs to include field trips. This act tries to prevent schools and Universities from hiding crime problems from both students and the parents. One of the first things many parents would look at, was how safe are our children going to be. Hiding the problem was always the first solution, until the Clery Act was imposed. It changes, usually by interpretation as new problems crop up. Staying on top of the reporting requirements is almost a full time position in most Campuses. But both Parents and Students need to review the reports and make their decisions as to how safe your children are.
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