Thursday, November 2, 2017

FBI: Terrorist Planned To Continue Killing Spree On The Brooklyn Bridge

He started planning around a year ago, conducting survalance on targets, figuring out what resources as far as weapons he had available. Two months ago he decided a truck was his weapon of choice, In the week or weeks running up to the attack he conducted dry runs, Continuing survalance, and assured by his dry runs, he attacked. Pretty much following the terrorist or criminal planning cycle. So we had a year to notice this guy, two months to notice he now had a plan of attack, and upto a few weeks of noticing his test or dry runs. With all this known, we need to understand what clues he left at each phase of the planning. It takes time out of his life to plan this attack, time doing something different from what he had done in the past. It also takes money to conduct planning and survalance, money diverted from other parts of his normal life. Take a person deciding to run a marathon or change career paths, there's that beginning stage that is your idea, ,and deciding how you can go about it. Noticeable by family and friends, like the wife, that notices your normal routine has changed. As we get more information we will be able to flesh out his life changes we had a chance to notice. At some point I can see AI Artificial intelligence, programming being brought to use in developing a more procedural processing of this type of analysis. We will not catch them all with it, but we can tilt the odds in our direction.
from CTI Consulting

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  1. CTI Consulting Part of what we need to find out during the investigation, is how long did he take to plan this attack, did he visit the site prior to attacking, and if so how many times, and at what times. These are all parts of the terrorist planning for an attack. Learning how they planned it, will go a long way to detecting it before the next one.