Saturday, November 18, 2017

Germany bans children's smart watches with listening app

Just to make sure that you know, here in the USA, if used incorrectly, and incorrectly depends a lot on the State you are in, can get you arrested as well. Germans, may be over reaching a bit by destroying the watches, but you have to realize the history of Germany, and big brother recording problems. Still there's so many things you can record with these days it's almost impossible to stop them all. I have two watches that record audio, all my MP3 players record, two of my flash drives record audio, and on and on. 4 of my pens record audio, 2 record video as well. If any of you have been to one of my TSCM courses, you have had to find many of these devices in the past, for your final exams. Interestingly, before the Wall came down I used to buy espionage devices in German airports as I flew through. I would stop by the Electronic stores and stock up on my training aids for my counter espionage classes, now days I just use the Internet. In Tokyo, Japan, I used to buy an espionage device called the tarantula, along with a cheap Japanese FM radio to listen to it with, their FM band is a little bigger than ours, so you could tune the tarantulas to work outside our FM band so passersby's could not listen to the bugs. Your phone also records audio and if needed video, those old android phones you no longer use work well as recorders, and with the proper app installed can be used as WIFI transmitters as well. Ah the world of espionage is expanding by the day.
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