Thursday, November 2, 2017

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Common Internet of Things Devices May Expose Consumers to Cyber Exploitation

The Internet of Things or IoT has a lot of vulnerabilities that the Vendors just have not addressed in most cases and are not addressing in future products. It is all a cost issue, it takes more code and makes them harder to install, so folks do not buy them. If you add to this the problem that the majority of the devices or interfaces to the devices are made in China, with either known back-doors into the systems or just not enough protection. One expert is saying the vast majority of these devices are compromised within two minuets of being put on line. Now the home and business owners do not see any ill effect from their devices during their normal operation, but they do both provide back doors into the home or business routers, as well as allow small malicious BOT's to reside on your device until directed into use by criminals and or vandals. In one case over 17 thousand IoT devices where directed to attack one web site for three days. At this moment we are all waiting for a massive IoT BOT attack that some think may actually bring down parts of the Internet for hours if not days. As these IoT devices proliferate we need to balance out the good things they provide vs the negative potential they provide.
from CTI Consulting

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