Sunday, November 26, 2017

Justices to weigh cell phone privacy in landmark case

This is a very important case, it will have ramifications on everyone's on line privacy issues, it really doesn't matter what side of the issue your on, there's going to be nashing of teeth. The part that gets confusing is that Google and others already have this data, and are gaining more every second you are on line and you have signed away your rights to let them use and sell the data in anyway they want. A Google or Facebook, or any application provider can have an employee or friend of a service provider, target an search for everything on you. They can do this with only a possible loss of job, not because any law was broken but some rule the company has in place. A Federal employee that targets a search like that for anything but a valid case they are working on, can not only lose their job but face criminal charges as well. Plus even if they gather the data for a legal case, if they divulge it to someone not involved in the case, they can loose their job and still face criminal charges. So tell me again why we are so scared if they have access to data the social media folks, employee's and friends not only have access to but sell.
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