Friday, November 24, 2017

Mom puts recorder in child’s backpack to catch bullying, now faces felony charge

Those that have been in my ESI class on Counter Espionage, know the legal implications of what this mother did. Recording audio conversations with out consent of any of the parties. Where I am glad the charges have been made, it will be a stretch to see, one a conviction, and two if a conviction then any real punishment. A lot will come down to how the recording would have been used, which will be hard to prove since the recording device was taken before the Mother had a chance to hear it. I hope her lawyer talks to her about what to claim to make about what she was going to do with the recording. If she was just going to listen to what her daughter said or heard, then we get into a grey area, and least in my mind. She is aloud to question her daughter about what was said to her that day. An interesting defense would be to say, my daughter can not remember every word she heard, so she recorded it to bolster her memory. In any case the Mom should walk away Scott free.
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