Monday, November 6, 2017

Rants of Texas church shooter who preached atheism before killing 26

There are still a lot to learn about this incident, and our prayers go out for the victims and their families. What is true of any incident like this is to move, we tend to freeze in place during an incident like this when movement is what is needed. Some say it is a primal human reaction to freeze, in the hope that we will not be noticed. In the real world moving is your best bet. In situations where Grand Parents are taking care of Grand Children it is so difficult to get them to move, and the next normal reaction is to cover them with your body, and perhaps that is the best they could do in the situation. For anyone in a situation like this move, the three key words of advice given for any active shooter situation is Run,Hide,Fight. Moving is key, every foot you can get away from the shooter your chances of survival go up. When you arrive anywhere, look for the exits, when something like this kicks off start heading for an exit, with an eye on other exits as well. Keep moving, if you have to hide, hide only in till you can run again. Be ready to fight at anytime, but as soon as you can run, get distance. Have things in your hand that you can throw at the shooter to distract them is good, but keep running. The more the shooter has to deal with activity the harder it is for him to shoot people. Where shooters like this win is on the easy shots, people that stand still giving him a non moving target are going to be shot. Moving gives the shooter a moving target, much harder to hit, yes you can still be hit, but if he is shooting anyhow, be the moving target not the standing one.
from CTI Consulting

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