Monday, November 13, 2017

Surveillance Cameras Made by China Are Hanging All Over the U.S.

It's good to see that this very serious security vulnerability has made it to the main stream Press. The price advantage Chinese firms use to flood the market with these products has been a problem for years. Knowing the back door problem with the whole line of Hikvision camera's and all the cameras they sell under the names of other companies, some USA based and are the biggest names in USA security products is just part of the problem. Everyone seems to focus on what the camera sees, and if it is not viewing something sensitive like a security check point or a privacy concern like the interior of a home our business, they seem to be acceptable risks. This is not the case, the real threat from these cameras and their peripherally associated devices like routers and video recorders, is the access they provide to the vast cyber espionage system of China. Once into the network the cameras are using, the Chinese simply insert back doors that will operate even if the camera is later removed. It's the access to the network the Chinese want, the camera is just a cheap way in, and they do not have to have an Agent to do it, you will do it for them. The way the Memphis Police installation is reported to have done is is the only possible safe way to use these products. That is to have a totally separate network for the video system, the big problem is that some body wants to see the camera on their own phone or even home computer, now the system is linked to the world and Chinese espionage has a way in. Chinese espionage may turn out later to be part of a Chinese cyber war attack, using all these cameras and other devices they are infiltrating into our networks like routers, printers, even IP enabled smart thermostats, to put viruses into our power grid, to bring down a banking system, even control access to our water filtration systems. It's a great long term plan by the Chinese Government, to have a back door to not only the USA network, but other countries as well, England, France, Spain, among others are infiltrated by these Chinese products more than the USA has been. Just when the USA Defense System thinks it has shut down a Chinese cyber espionage path, we get backdoored, by a path through a defense partner from another country. Look at what just happened with joint USA South Korea attack plans. A South Korean vulnerability laid all our attack and defense plans open to not just North Korea, but China as well.
from CTI Consulting

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