Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Surveillance video shows attempted purse snatching at Eastland Mall

As the Holiday Christmas season approaches we all need to be on the look out for these types of crimes. If you look at the scene before the attack occurs, watch how the two attackers, have already identified the victims, have a place that they can make last second coordination behind the large column, and then attack, with a set open field get away already part of the plan. Remember they plan, if only for a few seconds or in this case a few minuets if not hours to find the right situation, wait for the right victims, and then attack. If you watch a number of these surveillance videos, and you tube has a lot of them, you can start to pick up on the pre attack actions of these folks. There is always that looking around to see if anyone is watching, like security, police, even you, if your paying attention to them, then that move to get in close with out being noticed, and then bang they are off. I have taken clients into Malls and Hotel lobbies to show them what to be looking for. It does not take to long to figure out the body language of predators looking for victims. If you understand the process, you can see them set up in an area that allows them the ability to scout out victims, it also has to be an area that they can either leave quickly like these two girls did, or get out of view of the victim as you see in most cases. There is always a bit of opportunistic parts to a purse snatcher, but they do plan on making the most of the opportunity, and usually have the uncanny ability to know who has the most money or swag they can get. Part of that is reading the body language of the possible victims. One we tend to close hold objects of value, until we are distracted in some way. In this case a few friends having a cup of coffee and talking. Part of what the perpetrators are looking for are lackadaisical awareness of the victim. Watch this and other videos, and you will develop the awareness necessary not to become a victim yourself.
from CTI Consulting

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