Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The breakdown of one of Mexico's most powerful cartels is driving violence in a valuable border city

This is a very well written article, an overview of what the border cities are dealing with everyday. From my office window the lights from the International Bridge Border Crossing can be seen at night. The Cartels blocked the Mexican side of the bridge last month for hours, to prevent rival Cartel members from escaping into the USA. For the Police and even the Military the problem of survival is the biggest reason for taking money and turning a blind eye to what the Cartels are doing. An honest Policeman does not last long in the border towns in Mexico, at the end of last year a whole detachment of the Military were found to be taking money from the Cartels. They were disarmed and put on a bus out of the area. On the USA side there is a constant pressure on both Police and Federal Law Enforcement to take money for turning a blind eye, no one is immune to the problem. The USA does not have anywhere near the problem as Mexico, but we still have problems. A whole drug interdiction unit call the Panama Unit was taken down a few years ago, to include the Sheriff at the time. The Sheriff started his drug association back when he was with the Austin City Police, making and providing cover for Cartel Drug runs, from Reynosa up to Austin. Most law enforcement folks down here seemed to know of the Sheriff's activities, but he was considered to powerful to be taken down. It was when his Son was made the leader of a drug interdiction unit, that it all came down. On the other side of the Border if you are not on the take as a Policeman, and in many cases Military, you are in grave danger. Periodically the Federal Mexican Police, with Military support have come in and disbanded whole Police Departments in small cities. Elite teams of Federal and Military have come into clean up the whole State of Tamaulipas which has been a haven to the Golf Cartels for years, now to include the Zetas and all the factions of the split in the Golf Cartel. They brought in a Special anti Kidnapping force, that saw how lucrative the kidnapping trade can be, and they have been instrumental in conducting two of the highest profile kidnapping situations here in this area of Mexico. The normal ransom price went through the roof, as one source said, when they found out how little ransom the local teams asked for.and how unprofessional the local teams where they could not resist. Unfortunately for them, the higher profile and higher priced kidnapping got the attention of to many people, and they got turned in, probably by the Cartels, who considered them to be rocking the boat on the little deals they had going. The article talks about the diversifying of the crimes the Cartels are doing. They have moved into very large scale theft of oil from the State run oil company, and have moved into very punitive extortion, first on the Mexican side of the border, then the trucks trafficking to the USA side, and now to the firms in the USA dealing with cross border traffic. When at dinner one night, one of the guests had to leave their warehouse on the USA side had been torched, after a number of threats.
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