Monday, November 27, 2017

The truth of Lupe Trevino

The reason this is so pertinent to today is, one the truth behind everything said, Sheriff Lupe Trevino did go to jail, but plead guilty to a lessor offence, and will get out soon, two this type of corruption is still going on down here in the valley, three the kidnappings are continuing, and the teams of enforcers for the cartels that also worked with Hidalgo Sheriff's group known as the Panama Unit (over seven of these corrupt law enforcement are still in jail) are still operating on the USA side of the border, with additional help from paid prison and street gang members. It is a fairly short video, but it is a true case depicted here, and it happen perhaps a year before the Sheriff Lupe Trevino was arrested convicted, and now could be released any day now.
from CTI Consulting

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