Sunday, November 19, 2017

Toy Grenade Causes Scare, Evacuation At Miami International Airport

Let's be very clear, these devices can look very real, and handling this as a live device, till determined not is the proper response. Closing down the whole north terminal seems to be an over kill response. If this had been an active device, it's kill radius is very small, it's damage radius is larger, but limited. Where the bathroom was along the concourse would make a difference in how much of the terminal concourse had to be evacuated, but closing a whole terminal would seem excessive. Coming up on the Christmas Holiday Season means an increase in flight traffic, and a few hours delay can have a catastrophic effect on the whole air traffic system. Airports and TSA needs to reevaluate their bomb response. The bad guys are watching, if they can bring down parts of the air traffic system with mock device's of this size, then they have an attack that works. They have a magazine addition out that just covers how much cost they caused with an expenditure of less than a thousand dollars. That's part of their considered of an successful attack, less than one thousand spent, with a three billion response cost. TSA has bomb experts at most airports and available to all airports, they can help evaluate, and offer a realistic response to the possible threat.
from CTI Consulting

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