Friday, November 3, 2017

Trump administration welcomes Palestinian Authority deployment to Gaza crossings

This is a good forward move for the Palestinian peace process. As one of the team that opened the Rafa crossing for entrance and exit to Egypt back during the second Bush administration, we found this was the most effective way to promote peace and normalization in the Gaza Strip. We also worked on the other three crossings into Israel with the Palestinian Authority, before Hamas won big in the elections, and basically took over control of the Gaza Strip. Even then Hamas kept control of the Rafa crossing with the Palestinian Authority, understanding it was a needed life line for the Gaza citizens. This "deal" worked for another 4 months, before Hamas could not restrain themselves and virtually brought the crossing to a stop, except for specific occasions. Talking to people that can still gain access to the crossing at times, they say most of the security infrastructure is still in place.
from CTI Consulting

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