Monday, November 20, 2017

Trump names North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism

This is long overdue, President Bush removed them from the list as part of an elaborate deal to stop their Nuclear program. We also paid them a lot of money to get them back on their feet again, which has been done time and time again to get NK to stop the Nuclear bomb program. Each time the North Koreans have gone back on their deals. Good move on President Trumps part, but it remains to be seen if this will have any effect on calming the waters in North Korea, those that say it will just make things more difficult, fail to understand that the only reason NK has not gone further yet, is they lack the capability. But their push to gain the capability has been moving forward the entire time, since before Carter was in office. Their tests are just that tests, that anyone pushing a program would have to do, that he speaks war rhetoric as he does them only helps him with his own people, and perhaps scares the rest of the world a bit. To attribute any forward progress in the NK Nuke program to Trumps banter with their President, is foolish, this guy has never stopped moving forward, and they probably will not stop, until stopped. That will be the question how far will someone have to go to stop them, just bombing, or a nuclear bomb. Both will cause a lot of innocent deaths in NK, but to wait for NK to launch what ever type of nuclear bomb they can will cause a lot of deaths as well, plus spread a radiation cloud over a generation of the world that has not faced it before. Any device NK will throw, will most likely end in an lower order nuclear detonation, which is like a nuclear dirty bomb on steroids, if it happen to Guam or another smaller island it could make in uninhabitable for the near, to long term future.
from CTI Consulting

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