Thursday, November 9, 2017

TSA fails most tests in latest undercover operation at US airports

I am not sure who did the tests, but normally it is a group of Homeland Security and TSA Red Team groups. The tests in past years have had results in the same levels about 85% of the time things are missed. It is not good but it is not as problematic as it sounds, prior to TSA the FAA Red Teams had similar results. These inspectors are using items hidden in ways that are made to confuse and or by pass the Screeners and their equipment. These devices are made with a laboratory level knowledge of how the screening machines work, and with an intimate knowledge of how the TSA Screeners are trained to use the equipment. As I said last about these tests, if these Red Team member with these devices approached the Screeners at the Capitol for instance, they would probably get close to 100% by them. This is true for Court House Security, perhaps even White House screening equipment and staff. I take you back to the fact that if a Terrorist tries to get bombs or other weapons through an Airport Security Checkpoint, you would be caught, and probably every time. For one, if you are not going to suffer any consequence for getting caught, it is much easier to get items past screeners. There is no stress on the testers, bad guys have to worry big time even if there is only a 20% chance you will be caught. In fact if other rumors of classified reports are true, the TSA Behavior Detection teams caught most if not all these test teams as the set up to start the tests. They caught so many of the Red Teams, they ,the Behavior Detection, had to be called off during Red Team Testing. If you let Red Team folks work within the Trusted Traveler programs like TSA Pre and Global Traveler , and not take items out of bags, or take off shoes, then it would be almost impossible to detect a lot of the Red Team made bomb and other weapon devices.
from CTI Consulting

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