Saturday, November 25, 2017

Woman accused of mailing explosives to Gov. Abbott, Pres. Obama

The victim's are all very lucky, the Presidents mail is always screened, I would have thought that the Governors was as well. As far as package bombs go it appears from what has been released, that the devices had fireworks flash powder as the flammable mechanical confined explosive. Much like those used in the Boston Marathon bombs. The cell phone is a little strange since the charging document states that the devices where victim operated devices, which most if not all letter and package bombs are made of, but the cell phone is not necessary for a device like this to operate. Anyone that has been to an ESI Bomb class knows how to safely deal with letter and package bombs. If you feel that you or your office maybe the target of one of these devices, then contact CTI, ,or any of my ESI students in your area for training, and the development of a procedure and plan for dealing with device's like these. If handled properly no one should ever be harmed by these devices.
from CTI Consulting

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