Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Daphne Caruana Galizia, the Journalist Killed By a Car Bomb in Malta

This is being considered a political assassination, since this journalist was exposing political corruption. There have been a series of car bombs in the last month's in Malta, due most think to criminal rivalry on the island. It is obvious that the bomb was powerful, but investigators still have not presented much about the bomb. One report claimed it was make of Semtex, another TNT. Both are powerful enough to have caused this much damage, but with the supposed Russian organized crime involvement on the Island, Semtex would not be hard to believe. Even before the breakup of the Soviet Union, tons of Semtex have gone missing, lost, stolen, or provided to different groups, to include terrorist groups supported by the former Soviet Union. Over the years it must be said tons of TNT have also disappeared. From the field of debris, the bomb would have to be over 20 pounds of either explosive. A text message to a cell phone used as a remote detonator is being suspected to have initiated the bomb. She was leaving her home in a rental car, just minutes after posting her last blog.

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