Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Student suspect dead, girl critical, boy stable after shooting at Great Mills HS in Md.

et in on the shooter quickly. As for the students, while there's still a lot of information we don't know, your best chance at survival is to move out of the area as quickly as possible. Hiding under desks or in corners provides very little safety, moving is always your best chance of survival. We call it in bodyguard language getting off the X. A moving target is much harder to hit, and every foot you get away from the shooter, the greater your chance of surviving the attack. Even running past the shooter as fast as possible is better than standing still. It sounds counter intuitive, but the shooter is much more in control shooting at stationary targets. Do not be in the X. Move.
GREAT MILLS, Md. (WJLA) - The suspect, a student, is dead after a shooting Tuesday morning at a high school in St. Mary's County, Maryland, that has left a…

To Catch A Bomb-Maker

Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have been dealing with IEDs and roadside bombs for over 15 years. As the insurgents got better at disguising bombs, we had to get better at recognizing them. And the FBI got better at tracking them down.
The insurgent began with a cordless phone—one of the knockoffs of a Chinese-built Senao so popular in northern Iraq.

Fifth package bomb strikes Texas, at FedEx facility near San Antonio

 Whether this is the work of one bomber or copycats, the end result is the same: fear and uncertainty. If you weren’t expecting a delivery, or see unattended packages or backpacks in public places, don’t even go near it. Call 911
A homemade bomb blew up at a FedEx Corp distribution center near San Antonio early on Tuesday, officials said, and the FBI was investigating…

Please Forget to Change Your Password Every 90 Days

There's a sweet spot between long, complex passwords and the simple easy-to-guess ones. But not everyone can hit it, and trying to remember 50 passwords for all your accounts is difficult. Password managers help, but biometric identifiers are the future.
Some of the most basic tenets of password account management have failed, leaving us with a dreadful combination of poor user experience and inadequate security.

TSA drops onerous GA security proposal

This is not a big surprise. The general aviation community take pride in policing themselves, and would rather not have to deal with the TSA like the large airport operators. 
The Transportation Security Administration has scrapped a decade-old proposal to impose commercial air-carrier security measures on larger general aviation aircraft, acknowledging vigorous objections to the plan from the “overwhelming majority” of…

Monday, March 19, 2018

A Cyberattack in Saudi Arabia Had a Deadly Goal. Experts Fear Another Try.

These cyberattacks have a purpose, and it not to sit quietly on the network forever. At some point they (or the people that hire them) will seek to disable the system or destroy it. https://t.co/aQktia87DG
Petrochemical companies were hit by a series of cyberassaults last year. The worst of them, against a widely used safety system, could have set off an explosion.

Colombia charges Cuban in jihadist plot to kill US diplomats

This is a man who really can not decide why he is going to act out, but is determined to anyway.
Police hauled a handcuffed Cuban man into court in Colombia’s capital Thursday for allegedly plotting to kill U.S. diplomats in the name of the Islamic State extremist…

Why We Have Forgotten the Worst School Attack in U.S. History

I use a set of slides of this attack during my bomb presentation, it was devastating and these old school houses made it even easier. It could still be done today, but even the most simple alarm systems schools are required to have would reduce the amount of access this bomber had. Still an insider or contractor doing repairs at a school could achieve this level of damage.
The 1927 attack is often left out of accounts of terrorism in the U.S.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The University of Arizona Tracked Students’ ID Card Swipes to Predict Who Would Drop Out

 Your access control card swipes say a lot about you. Maybe more than you know yourself. Organizations may find that data useful, and not just for security.

At the University of Arizona, researchers tracked the swipes of its freshman students’ ID cards to predict which students were most likely to drop out. The university sees…

Alexa is randomly laughing in a creepy way, Amazon working to fix it

We all need to be aware of the privacy issues involved with any of these devices, including phones and computers that answer to questions put to them verbally. It is cute to have this type of response, but it is a very high price to pay for your privacy. If everything is working perfectly with the systems, they are being used by the companies that run them to gather information on you, for targeted sales at best. If hackers get into the system then it can be used to attack your computer systems as well as your bank accounts.

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- Amazon Alexa users are experiencing something unusual from their devices - laughter in a 'witch-like' way.One user, who…

Public Awareness Program

City and county awareness programs are the key factor in the prevention of crime and the capture of criminals. Prevention is always the key that should be the goal for any community. The city and county of Hidalgo also participate in the Texas State I-Watch program, which allows for an app to be downloaded into your smart phone to report suspect issues, and to keep up with warnings for the State of Texas. You can also report the suspect activity on any web browsers. https://iwatchtx.org/?site=tx or download the app from: https://www.dps.texas.gov/mobileApp/default.htm

  Many times there are people that know information about crimes and they do not wish to contact the police department because sometimes they are shy or afraid that they will testify in court. This is why there are numerous criminals in our streets committing even more crimes instead of being behin...

China’s Long Arm Reaches Into American Campuses

I think the FBI Director spoke volumes in his comment. At a security hearing last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that American universities are naive about the intelligence risk of Chinese “nontraditional collectors, especially in the academic setting,” and claimed that China poses a “whole-of-society threat.” and this is so true and pervasive in China's cold war on America.

Beijing is stepping up efforts to inject party ideology into student life. Some Chinese students are crying foul.

Navy, Marine Corps leaders warn that China is 'weaponizing capital'

China has been buying up ports for years. Some of its major ones are in Mexico, where they have taken over a huge part of one of their critical ports. But the worst is the buying of a pier in the California docks that China finagled as a national Chinese territory some how. This was back in the Clinton administration, but it has been a part of China's negotiations with other countries following the USA deal.

Top Navy and Marine Corps officials on Wednesday expressed concern over China’s expanding global reach and said the superpower was rapidly buying up foreign…

Teen drawn to ISIS brought homemade bomb to Utah school, police say

Authorities previously stated the initial incident with ISIS flag and graffiti was a prank. The “prankster” then went on to place a homemade bomb at another school. When warnings signs appear, resist the temptation to dismiss or rationalize them. 

No one was hurt and the school reopened Tuesday morning for classes, but police said the homemade bomb "had the potential to cause significant injury or death."

Incident Tracker Map

Here is an interactive US Map showing different incidents that have occurred since 2001, it is a great way to update and challenge yourself on your knowledge of incidents that happen, and learn better how to stop the next one.

In December 2015, the National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) published a study of 43 attacks against federal officials and facilities from 2001-2013 (view report here). Information on these 43 attacks is provided in the map below.

Germany says its government computers secure after 'isolated' hack

If indeed the Russians are behind this hack, it harks back to the Soviet Union using proxies to launch terrorist attacks around the world. Putin allows small non state actors to hack into other countries with a nod nod wink wink, that he does not control them in anyway. China has both, and so does Russia, but if you can use proxies all the better, some call North Korean Hackers proxies of the Chinese government.

Germany said on Wednesday hackers had breached its government computer network with an isolated attack that had been brought under control and which…

New York's Waldorf Astoria is now controlled by the Chinese government

I have my Mao's little Red Book here somewhere, they are on their plan, we need to be aware

One of the symbols of New York luxury is now in the hands of Beijing officials.

U.S. Blocks a Chinese Deal Amid Rising Tensions Over Technology

This is probably the best move the US can make. China's influence over US technology is just another arm of it continued economic war against not just the USA, but also the Europe and Russia should be looking out, that they are waging on all fronts.

A maker of chip-testing equipment, Xcerra, said it was walking away from a proposed sale to a Chinese group because of regulatory concerns.

Top experts warn against 'malicious use' of AI

This is not light reading and is written by a bunch or Professors from different Universities around the world. If you are into security in any fashion, from bodyguards to corporate espionage, you should at least give it a quick read. AI is reported to be the big boon to all of us, and it will be most of the time, but it has a dark side that we must be aware of from the beginning. Taking the good and the bad, is part of advancing in our world, but make sure you understand the bad, the good will sell itself.
Artificial intelligence could be deployed by dictators, criminals and terrorists to manipulate elections and use drones in terrorist attacks, more than two dozen experts said Wednesday as they sounded the alarm over misuse of the…

Nvidia Making Facial Recognition AI for Smart City Surveillance

Facial recognition has been getting better and better every year, in some cases every month, but it still rarely meets expectations. Now I have not tested or researched tests of this new system, and remember it is teaming up with AI firms, so I am not sure this systems is actually available. But from testing them in the past, if you are using it for finding friends on Facebook it should work just fine for you. But for access control or arresting someone because the system flagged a person, or identified a person, be very wary of the system. It is getting better, but so is the other side. In some cases just removing certain teeth like models do to make their faces more symmetrical will beat the system. In other cases botulism injections will beat the systems. Basically look at all the points measured, if you require the 99% identity then pretty much all those points have to match up. You can go down to an 80% or even less, but 80% is what most companies recommend, now a few small changes will still allow it to catch people. But do you want to call in the Police to shoot someone on an 80% level of accuracy? The other factor is when using it to find bad guys, like terrorists, they do not hold still for great photographs, so you may be starting at a bit of a problem. It is getting better, and using the technology to screen lots of people for extended period of time has its advantages. So if my client asked me if a bad guy was in the facility with one of these systems working, I would have to say I do not know, which I would have to do today as well, but with a lot less cost, and operational concerns. Would I use the system if it was available, most certainly, I use anything they may give me an edge.

Do you ever feel like somebody's watching you?

Pacemakers, defibrillators are potentially hackable

Remember, this is a warning, no one has been caught doing this yet. Wireless devices are making the world much more connected, and at times I believe safer. If your heart is bad, and this device can help you survive and get word to rescuers that you are in trouble, being hacked in the risk I will take. The key is to recognize the risks, and be aware of them. The makers also have to understand the risks, if they do not have the ability to secure the devices.
By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Heart devices that use software or wireless communications may be vulnerable to hacker attacks that could cause life-threatening malfunctions, U.S. cardiologists say. Medical devices have been…

On the Bleeding Edge: Tactical Combat Casualty Care for Civilian Medics - S.W.A.T. Magazine

There was a big push to get as many trained as possible out in California, and CTI pushed it to clients in other places, but so far it has not generated a lot of interest. This is a great skill set for any state city and or town to have. I would promote this type of training for everyone. At least one team in every department, Police, Fire, EMT, should have this capability. Police would be my first choice, since they are doing some of this already.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is a concept developed for highly trained military medics in combat. These medics operate in a completely different arena…

Gulf Cartel’s power struggle holds Mexican city of Reynosa hostage

When the police and military just stand back and let convoys of Cartels pass, they have lost control.
A journalist in the nearby city of Matamoros, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation from the cartel, said he’d heard that as many as 60 vehicles carrying gunmen from Los Rojos had rushed in a convoy to Reynosa that night to do battle with Los Metros. Police and army units that were guarding the highway, overwhelmed by the cartel’s show of force, let the convoy pass, he said.
The sinister-looking men seem to be everywhere. They stand idly, walkie-talkies in hand, at key intersections or at the entrances to gated communities where their…

Florida school shooting: A timeline

This is a time line video of the shooting in Fla. The time of drop off to the reported time he left the building was around 8 min, no one had responded by this time. The Police are great at what they do as, are the FBI, but no one is going to be there to help you if the shooter slips through the cracks. It is you and your awareness of how you have worked out in your mind you are going to respond that will give you the best chance of surviving the situation. https://www.usatoday.com/…/florida-school-shooti…/110482534/
From the time Nikolas Cruz entered the building until the time he left, only six minutes passed. During that brief time, he allegedly shot more than two dozen students and teachers, 17 of them fatally. (Feb. 16)