Monday, March 5, 2018


This is all happening in a city called Reynosa, across the river from USA Cities Mcallen and Mission Texas. The gun battles lasted for hour, it was all over the City of Reynosa. You see tow trucks coming by with these bullet riddled coming into the USA over various bridges almost every day. What is worse is that this fight started with the Cartel's staging just outside of Reynosa, in plain sight of everyone in the area. Using pickup trucks and armored SUV's, they can be seen making plans and then loading up to go into the city for the gun battle. How can a country like Mexico allow this type of attack to happen, why were they not stopped prior to getting into the City? No one has an answer. It is not a case of probable cause, just having the weapons which are in plain view is illegal. Mexico has drones which can keep an eye on these folks, why did then not catch them. The answer is the Mexican Government is working hand and hand with the Cartels, and only act when they have to. If you read the article you can see the Kimball Electronics maquiladora was over run by the Cartels. Now you have a problem, the maquiladoras (large manufacturing plants ) are supposed to be safe zones for American as well as other countries plants can use the low cost labor of Mexico to make products. As part of the deal for these factories to operate the Mexican Government is supposed to provide security to them. They do to a point, but it is always a balancing act, on how much money they make of the Maquiladora's and how much they get from the Cartels. The Maquila's are for the most part legal money that has to be on the books, so it is taken back in Mexico City and split up then to who can ever get a part of it, (certainly not the labor force in Reynosa). On the other hand the Cartel money is always under the table, so is much easier to distribute to crooked Government Officials to include Police Departments at all levels.


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