Monday, March 5, 2018

Afghanistan: Siege at Kabul Hotel Kills at Least 18

This attack is one that should be studied. It's a mix of explosive and gun fire to meet their goals, which in this case was Westerners. Being ready for this type of attack needs to be planned for. Making a safe area or room inside a hotel suite is part of that planning. Finding items in the room that can be used to barricade doors can be very effective, even against a grenade attack. Weapon fire can make it through a lot of doors and walls of Hotel rooms, so getting out of the line of fire is key. Bath tub, even ceramic bathroom tile can provide some protection. In a few high end hotels, like in Jerusalem, many bathroom doors are made to withstand weapons fire. A 17 hour siege is a long time, and many safe rooms I have designed were not designed for this length of time. But remember they are attacking multiple targets, so if you can just make your room hard enough to get through, they may well move on to a easier target. The next time you walk into a hotel, start looking for exits, but also be looking for places in a hotel room that can be defended for some period of time.
Foreigners remain the primary target of the Taliban, which have once more carried out a large attack in Kabul.

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