Monday, March 26, 2018

City partners with Knoxville organizers to increase event security

Special event security planning is getting to be a big business and a career option for some security specialists and protection agents. ESI will hold a two day event security class with the added touch of behavioral analysis points for picking out the possible aggressors in the crowd. Rich Roth from CTI has been working special event security since leaving the US Secret Service back in 1985, to include Presidential national conventions for both Democratic and Republican and high risk high threat events for large and small convention centers. In these two days we will cover what is needed to make an event safer and more secure for both the crowds and the people preforming. In this day and age after the Las Vegas shooting at one high level concert to the Manchester bombing of the concert the field of event security has been expanding. The Paris attack included a stadium and the 1,500-seat Bataclan concert hall which was sold out. No one wants to be the next special event attacked, and both cities and the performers are adding requirements for security at their events.

The Crisis Management Emergency Plan helps organizers and first responders communicate to make security better at city events.

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